Our mission is to exchange ideas, inspiration, and tools to build skill and support the leadership development of Agile Coaches.

The Agile Coaching Exchange in North America was inspired by ACE:London, which generously shared their resources with us in 2015. With the help of local leaders, ACE communities emerged in several US cities, each leading their own in-person MeetUps. In April 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our MeetUps shifted from in-person to virtual. In 2022, after two years monthly, virtual ACE meetings, we reorganized into ACE:East and ACE:West. Our success is thanks to the past-and-current leadership of many Agile Coaches around the US, to whom we are grateful.

Each meeting covers a topic in one or more areas of the Agile Coach Competency Framework:

  • Agile-Lean Practitioner
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitating
  • Professional Coaching

Or one of the mastery areas:

  • Technical Mastery
  • Product/Business Mastery
  • Transformation Mastery

In additional, topics we features include Leadership and the Business of Agile Coaching

Our philosophy is:

  • Learn as a community
  • Connect people so that they can collaborate & work together in the future
  • Provide a place for people to seek support
  • Exchange coaching skills and experiences
  • Develop new concepts collaboratively
  • Develop ideas that will support the discipline of coaching & Agile
  • Having fun & sharing ideas

If you have a session that you would like to share with our community, please contact us.

We are grateful for ongoing support from the the Agile Alliance 

We hope to see you at our next MeetUp!