Title: Visual agile – sketching as a tool for the agile coach
Recorded: 2017-07-18 | Run Time: 1h 04m
Facilitator(s): John Eisenschmidt & Shawn Boockoff
Presenter: Dave Gardner | CISSP, CSPO, CSM, CSP, ICE-AC | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drdavidlgardner/

Dave Gardner has been rattling around the high-tech industry since the early ’80s in a variety of companies and roles. He is now an independent agile coach & trainer and is having a riot working with companies that are looking to become more agile.

Dave has discovered that clients really like a particular aspect that has crept into Dave’s coaching and training style — that of using sketches and graphics in the engagements. Armed with an iPad Pro, an amateur skill level in things artistic, and a deep interest in “Training from the Back of the Room” sorts of concepts and methods, Dave has realized great successes that are fun and engaging for clients and a lot easier for him.

Topic Category: Facilitation
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